Thursday, May 25, 2017
Bike Masters Cycling




Basic Tune-up     $49

  • True Wheels
  • Derailleur Adjustment
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Tighten all bolts
  • External Lubrication


Comprehensive Tune-up     $69


  • Basic Tune-up plus : Adjustments to all bearing systems


Deluxe Tune-up     $119


  • Comprehensive Tune-up plus Drive Train removal and cleaning


Complete Overhaul     $199

  • Removal, cleaning, and adjusting all bike component systems


free estimates on all repairs
$5 lube and supply charge to all tun-ups and overhaul
$1 cable end and ferrules on all tune-ups

Professional Bike Fitting

Standard professional bike fit     $49.99

Complete Professional bike fit and consultation     $129.99 (To include computer diagnostics and laser fitting)



Dan Hill
Master Mechanic and shop owner
“The best way to keep bikes shifting well is to avoid shifting under heavy load!”

Jimmy Paterson
Master Mechanic
“I talked to a customer who brought in a recently purchased bike from the local department store. Needless to say, the bike wasn’t put together properly; the customer was surprised to find out that our bike shop offers one year of free tune ups and a 10% discount on accessories at the time of purchase.  I advised the customer to utilize our shop! Bike shop bicycles will last longer and ride better.”